Saturday, 26 September 2009

Why I think that most countries in the world should be a Monarchy

As you guys should know I'm a proud monarchist and I believe that "Monarchy" is the best system of government ever (well a constitutional monarch with some powers of veto and decision making!)
I used to be a republican (not the U.S. political party kind) then I realised that most republics are usually unstable, corrupt, tyranical (if you don't believe me, look at 20th century republics) and above all too utopian to really work effectively. In today's age of states. Countries can be broken down into 2 things: Monarchy or Republic. In turn they can be broken down as well.

What is a Monarchy?
That's a hard question to answer. The best I can answer it is this:
A monarchy is a system of government which involves a crowned head of state and the power of the state is officially invested in the crown. This position is gained through hereditary (family) means or they are chosen by an elite group (usually the aristocracy of the state) and the would be monarch goes through a coronation. (Of course there are exceptions.)

What is a Republic?
A republic is a system of government where the state doesn't have a monarch as the head of state and the power of the state is officially invested in "the people." (There are exceptions.)

There are 2 types of Monarchy and Republic:
Monarchy - Constitutional and Absolute.
Republic - Parliamentary and Presidential.

Constitutional Monarchy - Where the monarch holds little or no executive state power. They are not the head of government. Examples - U.K., Japan, Morocco etc
Absolute Monarchy - Where the monarch hold supreme executive state power. They are the head of government as well as the head of state. Examples - Saudi Arabia, Oman, Swaziland etc.
Parliamentary Republic - Where the republican head of state (usually a President) holds little or no executive state power. Just the head of state. Examples - Israel, India, Ireland etc.
Presidential Republics - Where the president holds supreme executive state power. Examples - U.S.A., Brazil, North Korea etc.

While republics sound more egalitarian and just in theory. In practice......... nuff said!!!
Here are the reasons why most countries should have a monarch as a head of state (or become a monarchy:)
  1. Monarchies are cheaper to run than republics.
  2. Monarchs can be used as a unifying symbol of a state.
  3. Monarchs are much more apolitical than presidents.
  4. Monarchs (most times) are born into the profession of running a country and its people.
  5. Monarchs can give a country a sense of tradition.
  6. Monarchs are not at the bidding of "the people"

That's that. Long live every monarch!!!


Anonymous said...

Monarchies have been around since Adam. They have also lasted longer than the current day regimes. You may be on to something!

IDIOT face said...


Thanks! Let's get one thing straight! If republics worked properly, I would be a republican!
Unfortunately they don't!