Thursday, 28 January 2010

My Favourite and Worst Names!

What's in a name!? - A lot of things actually!
Names establishes our individuality. Names help us to connect with individual humans on a personal level! (That's the reason why a lot of soldiers in modern day wars didn't want to know the names of their fellow cohorts!)
A lot of cultures took the naming of a newborn child very seriously! The parents would do research and consult with whatever holy men they believe in!

Anyway here are the boys names that I like:
  • Steven-Gerrard (Hey I'm a Liverpool F.C. supporter)
  • Charles (A strong name, a name for kings!)
  • Leon (Race neutral and simple)
  • Che (After the commie but I like that name!)
  • James (Simple and Strong!)
  • The "arry" names - Garry, Barry, Harry and Larry!
  • Javier (A combination of french and spanish! I just love that name!)
  • Alex (Just a "Great" name! LOL!)
  • Axel (Sound cool!)
  • Isaac (Strong biblical name!)
  • Isaiah (Again, a strong biblical name)
  • Darren (Strong and race neutral)
  • Warren (I don't know why I like that name!)
  • Ryan (I don't know why I like this name either!)
  • Dan (Good, strong name!)
  • Sam (Race neutral and both genders can have it. Sweet!)
  • Conrad (My little bro's name. Just a nice name. It's german for wise one!)
  • Zidane (After the legendary french footie player!)
  • Drake (Very american white boy but I like it!)
  • Adam (Good Biblical name!)
  • Sylvain (Yes it's french but who cares. I like it!)
  • Ricardo (Just Italian, Spanish and Portuguese for Richard really!)
  • Chad (Believe it or not the name is more race neutral than you think. Chad is actually short for Chadwick!)
  • Solomon (Good Biblical name!)
  • Emmanuel (Strange name but I like it!)
  • Cervantes (After the pirate in the soul calibur games. Cool name!)
  • Santiago (Nice name and also the capital of Chile!)
  • Kilik (Again I got the name of a soul calibur character! I think the name is Turco-Mongolian in origin!)
  • Masamune (Japanese name! I like it!)
  • Balthier (After a FFXII character! Strange name!)
  • Salvatore (I just like the name!)
  • Kenshin (Japanese name! Cool name!)
  • Shingen (Also Japanese! Cool name!)
  • Maxwell (I don't like the name maximillian, too long!)
  • Sigismund (Strange name. German name. I like it!)
  • Carlos (Wait a minute! It's just Spanish Charles really! LOL!)
  • Roc (Mythical giant bird of pray! Now I'm getting weird!)
  • Tabarzin (A type of axe! Why do I like that name!?)

The boys names that I can't stand:

  • American white boy names like Todd, Cory, Hunter, Brendan, Lance, Bubba (I know that prisoners don't like the name Bubba LOL!) etc
  • Black ghetto names like TiShawn, Demarcus, Devonte etc. The Arabic names like Malik or Jamal I like and are infact genuine names (Malik = King in Arabic!)
  • There are some other name like - Paul, Joe, Colin, Reginald, Walter, Barrington, John, Brian and many more!

Now for the Girls Names I like:

  • Hidagarde (German for War shield. Despite that I like that name!)
  • Hannah (Strong biblical name!)
  • Jenny (Plain and simple. I like it!)
  • Lioness (Yes I've heard some called their child Lioness! Weird but Strong name!)
  • Argentina (I love names of countries and this would sound nice for a girl. It means Land of silver!)
  • Sam (Check above statement!)
  • India (Lovely country! Nice name!)
  • Cinnamon (Cute name!)
  • Vanilla (Also a cute name!)
  • Sanaki (Strange name but I like it!)
  • Sahara (I'm suprised nobdy would use this as a name! I think it's beautiful!)
  • Essence (Why do I like taht as name!?)
  • Topaz (Gem names are so last year! Who cares!)
  • Kimberly (Simple name!)
  • Connie (There's just something cute about that name!)
  • Isabella (It's a bit old fashioned but it still rocks!)
  • Magdalena (Pretty name!)
  • Reina (I love that name! It means Queen in spanish!)
  • Asia (A Beautiful continent and a great name to go with it!)
  • Cyan (It means blue! Cute name!)
  • Rose (I knew one proper hot white girl called Rose! Anyway why do I like that name again!?)
  • Lavendar (Flower names are just weird! LOL!)

Girls names that I can't stand:

  • Proper American white girl names like Kristy, Summer, Nikki, Alexis, Taylor, Gretchen etc!
  • Ghetto Black names like Shaniqua, Latavia, Shanene, Laquisha etc!

So there's the names that I like. What about you guys or girls ,what names do you like?

Sunday, 24 January 2010

I Just Give Up!

I've give up with women! There's just no point in trying to get one! Women are fickle and quite frankly I can't stand fickleness. I get a girl's number, we chat for a bit, she loses interest and I'm back to square 1, being a fucking mug (chump = mug.)
When you women finally know what you want, call me. Until that time, Fuck Off!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Oligarchy! Is Inevitable!

We all love to believe (well most people do) that there are different forms of government, each with it's own ideology and unique way of ruling. However, if you scratch the surface of any form of government, you'll come to realise that they are fundumentally the same.

Yep! Oligarchies! From a Monarchy be it Constitutional or Absolute to a Republic be it Presidential or Parliamentary!

So what exactly is an oligarchy!?
Check this link out:

So why does every form government become an oligarchy!?
Check this link out:

The truth is that these 2 sayings have never been more true when it come to government:
"No man is his own island!" & "Too many cooks spoil the broth!"
Ultimately, all forms of government are oligarchial. It's inevitable!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Most Underrated Individual Rappers

This is my first blog for the year 2010.
My favourite genre of popular music is Hip Hop! I just love it! Nothing like a good hip hop tune to ease you or get you in the mood!
Still, I've been thinking about the good rappers that don't get the props they deserve!
The one's that are unappreciated, even though they have mad skillz!

Here's who I think are the most underrated rappers (in random order):
1. Memphis Bleek
2. Heavy D
3. Jaz O/Big Jas/The Jas
4. Abdominal - A Canadian rapper
5. Xzibit
6. Lord Finesse from D.I.T.C.
7. Grand Puba from Brand Nubian
8. Chip Fu from the FU Schnickens
9. AZ
10. Marcelo D2 - A Brazilian Rapper
11. MC Serch
12. Chubb Rock
13. Prince Po from Organized Konfusion
14. Akil from Jurassic 5!
15. The D.O.C.

There's more but I think you get the idea!
Who do you guys feel is underrated in the Hip Hop Game!?