Thursday, 31 December 2009

British women are the worst women in the world!

Through out my 23 years of being alive I can honestly say that British women are the worst in the world!
They are the most vulgur, arrogant, fickle, rude, unintelligent, nasty, spiteful etc sluts
Sure I've only fucked British women so I can't really say what other women of different nationalities are like but my friends who have left the U.K. and fucked other women will agree with me!
Some people will say you haven't found the "right" one. Gimme a fucking break! I don't believe in bullshit like "Soulmates", "Mr & Mrs Right" and other such non sense! Even if I did I know for a fact that my "Soulmate" would definately 100% Absitively Posolutely not be a British woman!
I'm on a dating website called I've messaged over 250 women since I've joined it on Oct 2009!
Only about 20 of them replied to my messages! Most of them never had the decency to message me back, not even to tell me to "get lost" or "I'm not interested." Only 9 women on that site had the guts to message me first!
When I did get some number from women on the site they decided to "play games!"
Newsflash to any Woman - I don't play games with women!!! You are not Tekken 6 and If I wanted to play games I'd simply play my PS3!
I've been out on the streets checking out women even asked a few girls for their numbers! Not even fucking one would give me a number!
Well fuck it I'm not dealing with British women anymore. I am only dealing with prostitutes from now on! They are cheaper, less picky, less rude and just plain and simply better than British women on the whole!
If I had the money I would get me a foreign woman (South east asian or Latina!)
British women can learn a lot from them!
At times I wish I was gay!
Attention British women - You've just lost out on a prize catch!

Happy New Year

Just want to wish everybody that reads my blog a "Happy New Year!"
May it bring allsorts of positive things!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Just want to wish whoever reads my blog a Merry Christmas! For me though I prefer the new year celebrations. It's just an excuse to get drunk and to try and pull fine women! Lol!

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Spiritually, What am I!?

What am I spiritually!? That's a good question!
Well I believe in a god or some form of higher power but I don't really buy into any organised religion!
That being said I don't buy into religion causes the most suffering!
All I have to say is the 20th century was the most secular century yet it was also the bloodiest, most corrupt and most oppresive century of human history!
I do seem more drawn to the hindu religions, Sufi islam, west african spirituals and roman catholicism!
I used to be an atheist but it just didn't explain enough and atheists can be just as closed minded as any religious nutjob!
To me though ultimately I don't care what people believe in so long as they don't impose it on others.
Maybe I should make my own religion lol!

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sharing Women!? Whatever Next!?

For the life of me I can't understand or stand is why do men share women?
"Sharing Women" is a term where 2 or more men have sex with the same woman at the same time!
It's usually done in porno movies!
The type of men that do this are :
  • Gang Rapists
  • Premiership Footballers ( or as you yanks call the soccer players )
  • Weak minded men
  • Porn stars

There's only one way to describe men that share their women - PUSSIES!

Advice to women - if your man want's to have a threesome with you and another man! Dump his arse quick! Those type of men are potential gang rapists and mentally weak

Advice to men - Don't share your women, EVER! Simple! You can never please a woman so don't bother try it!

Women are ment to share men not the other way round


If a woman wants to date me she better get used to threesomes! The good kind ( 2 women and 1 guy!)

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Tall women not dating short men! WTF!?

Man I haven't posted anything in ages. Lets begin.
As I've been roaming the web I've noticed that a lot tall women (5'8" +) seem to have a problem with dating men shorter than themselves ( actually I think women of all heights seem to have this problem!)
Now I bet you're thinking "This guy's probably a short arse 5'3" munchkin that's just jealous of taller men and women!"
Well you're wrong! I'm 5'10" ( that's the average male height across the world! ) and I have had a girlfriend that was 6' tall (what a pair of legs!) At first she was a little bit iffy about dating someone smaller than her but she came around eventually and she's no longer care's about the the height of any of her dates anymore!
Unfortunately women like her are few and far between. Despite all the talk of modern day women being "strong, confident and know what's she wants" deep down they are still shallow superficial cavemen bitches who can't use their god (or nature) given brain to see past the bullshit evolution and social upbringings have installed in them!
They still use vacuous and foolish statements like:
  • "I feel more feminine if a guy's taller than me."
  • "I feel protected when the guy is taller than me."
  • "Tall men are more masculine."
  • "Short men have Napoleon Complexes!"
  • "It's just embarrassing dating a guy shorter than you! All my (shallow) friends would disapprove!"
  • I want to wear my high heels when I'm with my man!
  • I feel like a cradle snatcher when I'm with a short man!

The more I hear these arguments the more sexist I become. I understand that everyone has their preferences but remember we should not limit ourselves to them!

I tend to find that women are far more inflexible when it comes to dating then men are! I keep hearing tall women say it's hard finding man but it's usually the tall women themselves that limit their choices to men taller than they are.

Many say that the reason why women are attracted to tall men or men taller than themselves is because of evolution. The taller the man the stronger he is. Many scientists theorise that tall men being physically stronger they could better defend themselves and over people from predators and rivals in the days of when human beings were hunter-gatherers!

While I don't dispute that the taller men tend to be physically stronger! I and many other people dispute the fact that being tall means being a better protector or even that being tall is actually evolutionary advantageous in hunter-gatherer times and societies! Think about it? Hunting requires stealth being big usually hinders stealth. Also smaller people tend to be quicker, more dexterious and have better use of their bodies (technique) than larger men. This is important for a number of different reasons but I digress.

The excuse that really gets my goat is the "protection and secure" statement that women use to justify why they only date men taller than themselves. It reeks of insecurity and ignorance. Yet these "strong, confident and intelligent" modern day women see nothing wrong with this statement.

Usually it's young women (aged betwen 18 -35 years old) that mainly discriminate against dating short men or men shorter than themselves! When women get to about 40 years old they become a lot more secure of themselves and less superficial about their choices in life. Mainly because they know that they're past it and they're not as attractive as they once were.

My advice to young women of today is don't limit yourself to something as stupid as height when it comes to dating. A tall man is no more a better "protector" than an average height man or a short man! Stop buying into bullshit like things "Mr Right" and "Soulmates"! Don't always go with what "evolution" tell us is right or good! You have a brain ladies, use it to pic apart the nonsense of evolutionary and social crap (because your preference for taller men is mostly social not evolutionary!)

Remember this more importantly just because you "feel" more protected with a man that's taller than you, doesn't mean that you are protected!