Sunday, 29 March 2009

Why sportfighting is not self defense

The idiocy of the "sportfighting" ilk cannot be underestimated. The type that think if a move or technique is not used in a "ring" then it cannot be used on the street. Don't get me wrong I am a practitioner of a sport martial art as well (Muay Thai) but I also know that the ring and the street are 2 different animals and must be compared by different standards.
Here are 2 links that sum up my point very well:
I am not one for typing up long blogs. I'd rather use links to to illustrate a point!!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Terrorism!!! - Too Subjective

I was going to write a long winded speech on why "Terrorism" is far too subjective but some of these sites that I have posted will explain my position.
Well mostly my position:
"Terrorist" seems to be todays buzzword like "Communist" (Commie) was in the 60's.