Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I Hope The U.K. Don't Make The Same Mistake With Mephedrone

I have a bad feeling that the U.K. will make the drug Mephedrone, illegal.
There have been a couple of deaths recently supposedly linked with Mephedrone in the U.K.!

Now the campaigners and drugs prohibitonalists (arseholes!!!) want the drug to be banned! Yeah, because making drugs illegal has obviously worked for the past 70-100 years! (Please note the sarcasm!)
Nobody today smokes weed or crack, snorts coke, injects smack, pops any pills etc (sarcasm!)
If the U.K. makes Mephedrone illegal, it won't stop people from taking it, the organised crime gangs will get ahold on it, make the drug more expensive and lucrative, finally it will only be smuggled into the country through somebody's anus or by some random boat ( hopefully the latter of the two!)
The U.K. must not change the law status on mephedrone just because some people have (allegedly) died from taking the drug or because it's "addictive."
Now is the time to realise that making drugs illegal always does more harm than good and is fundamentally immoral to do so.

Here's a link on what mephedrone is:

Hell, even if the U.K. g'ment makes miaow, miaow illegal, I still take it LOL!

Friday, 19 March 2010

National Football (Soccer) Team Nicknames

I love Football (or as you yanks call it Soccer.) Can't wait till the 2010 FIFA World Cup actually starts. The funny thing is I've always liked the nicknames of the national teams. As you guys might know, I believe names are important and should be well thought over!
Here are the nicknames of the national football (soocer) teams in the 2010 FIFA World Cup:

Europe :
England - The 3 Lions
Denmark - The Danish Dynamite or the Dynamites
France - The Blues (Come on now France, make a fucking effort!)
Germany - The Machine Team
Greece - The Pirate Ship
Italy - The Blues (Like France, make an effort!)
Netherlands - The Flying Dutchmen, The Clockwork Oranges, The Clockworks, The Oranges
Portugal - The Selection of Shields, The Shields
Serbia - The White Eagles
Slovakia - The Fighting Jondas
Slovenia -
Spain - The Red Fury, The Fury, The Reds
Switzerland - The National Team (I don't think Switzerland tried too hard, don't you!?)

South Africa - The Boys, The Boys Boys
Nigeria - The Super Eagles
Cote D'Iviore - The Elephants
Cameroon - The Indomitable Lions
Ghana - The Black Stars
Algeria - The Desert Foxes, The Desert Warriors, The Greens

South America:
Argentina - The White & Sky Blues (As you can tell, I hate it when team give themselves colour nicknames.)
Brazil - The Little Canaries, The Samba Kings, The Green & Yellows
Chile - The Reds, Everybody's Team (Pathetic nicknames1)
Paraguay - The Guaranies
Uruguay - The Charruas

Asia (Including Australia & New Zealand):
Australia - The Socceroos, The Ozzies
Japan - The Samurais, The Blue Samurais
North Korea - The Chollimas
South Korea - The Taeguk Warriors, The Tigers of Asia
New Zealand - The All Whites, The Kiwis

North America:
Honduras - The Catrachos, The Bicolors
Mexico - The Tricolours, The Giants of North America
USA - The Yankees

Here are the Nicknames of other national teams: