Sunday, 19 September 2010

Where Are The Hottest Women In Each Continent?

I've been thinking about this for a long time and through study and analysis (with one hand free, if you catch my drift LOL! ) I've come to my own personal conclusions.
I will break down where the hottest women are into 5 continents - Europe, Africa, Asia/Oceania, North America (including Central America and The Caribbean) and South America.
From there I'll pick the top 5 countries in each continent which I think have the hottest women.
Also I will mention which countries have overrated women in each continent as well.
Please note this about countries not races!

The Hottest Countries In Europe (in terms of women) Are:
  1. Italy
  2. Hungary
  3. Spain
  4. Czech Republic
  5. Germany
The overrated countries in Europe: Sweden, Norway, Poland and Ukraine.

The Hottest Countries In Africa (in terms of women) Are:
  1. Ethiopia
  2. Cameroon
  3. Kenya
  4. Angola
  5. Senegal
The overrated countries in Africa: South Africa and Somalia.

The Hottest Countries In Asia/Oceania (in terms of women) Are:
  1. The Phillipines
  2. India
  3. Thailand
  4. Lebanon
  5. China
The overrated countries in Asia/Oceania: Iran, Israel, Japan and Russia. (Yes I classify Russia as an Asian country)

The Hottest Countries In North America (in terms of women) Are:
  1. U.S.A.
  2. Cuba
  3. Jamaica
  4. The Dominican Republic
  5. Costa Rica
The overrated countries in North America: Puerto Rico

The Hottest Countries In South America (in terms of women) Are:
  1. Brazil
  2. Venezuela
  3. Columbia
  4. Guyana
  5. Chile
The overrated countries in South America: Argentina and Uruguay

And there you have it folks. Many people won't agree with my choices......... oh well!
What do you guys think?

The Dumbest Blog I've Ever Read

I've read some dumb shit on the internet in my life but this website clearly has to be the winner. The guy who the blogs on this website is a self contradicting, pseudo-intellectual white nationalist (then again most are like that anyway!)
I would explain why it's so bad but I'd rather let you guys read the blog for yourselves and make your own decisions.

Warning: This website will cause mental retardation!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The 2010 FIFA World Cup First Match Round Up

Well, every team has played in the has played their first match in the World Cup!
Personally though I'm kinda disappointed about the first lot of matches! Most of the teams were more concerned about losing rather than playing to win. Who knows maybe the second lot of group matches will offer more excitment (I hope.)
However, there has been some suprises, cock ups and good matches!

Here's a round up of the first matches. I will go through the scores and my some of my personal insights and opinions of the matches:

Group A
South Africa 1 Mexico 1
I missed most of this match. At least both teams looked liked the wanted to win! they both played great attacking football neither of them giving any quarter. I would've prefered South Africa to win the match!

Uruguay 0 France 0
A lackluster performance on both sides. I knew France had some problems but damn, they couldn't get the upper hand of Uruguay even after Uruguay got reduced to 10 men! I don't know why the French manager never took Karim Benzema or Samir Nasri. They need 'em!
Credit to Uruguay though. Even with 10 men they held France to a draw!

Group B
South Korea 2 Greece 0
South Korea was just all over Greece. Simple, nothing more!

Argentina 1 Nigeria 0
Despite being a low scoring match alot happen during the game. Mainly the Nigerian goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama saving all of Lionel Messi's shots! BTW Lionel Messi is the best player in the world right now, hands down! It's a shame that Nigeria can't finish for shit. I mean with the likes of Yakubu and Obafemi Martins they should get in the goals. I think Obafemi Martins has incredible potential but he always gets injured.

Group C
England 1 U.S.A. 1
Good god Engand should have won that match! Within the first few minutes England were 1-nil up thanks to Heskey setting up Steven Gerrard, who btw played and lead England fantastically.
Then a slipup by the England goalkeeper Robert Green put things level................ sigh. The second half England kept breaking through the U.S. defence but we just couldn't score.

Algeria 0 Slovenia 1
I didn't watch this match. Watching 2 really poor teams playin eachother didn't really appeal to me. Apparently I didn't miss much anyway.

Group D
Serbia 0 Ghana 1
I missed this match. And people told me it was a good match as well............ Oh well at least Ghana won. I love watching Ghana play.

Germany 4 Australia 0
You know in American "Prison" movies where the little dude gets his arse raped by the big dude usually called "Bubba"! Guess who was "Bubba"!? LOL!
Germany went into the game to establish themselves as a contender and boy did they do it with authority! Australia can never fart properly or sit down properly ever again!

Group E
Netherlands 2 Denmark 0
I quite liked this match! I think the Danes played alright but with that own goal it kinda demoralised them. Then at the end with Dirk Kuyt rushing in to score that goal it was the end for the Danes! I like Dirk Kuyt, he's an underrated player!

Japan 1 Cameroon 0
I missed this game.

Group F
Italy 1 Paraguay 1
I really wanted Italy to lose this game and they almost did. Paragauy came out hard and was looking to score the first goal before the Italians and they did with a great set piece. I thought that would be the end for Italy. However Italy in the second half came back hard and equalised from a set piece. Irony!

New Zealand 1 Slovakia 1
I didn't watch this game.

Group G
Ivory Coast 0 Portugal 0
I have to say Ivory Coast did well even without Drogba. They showed that they can run with the big boys. Portugal did do that badly either. However apart from Cristiano Ronaldo and Deco they don't have any standout players whatsoever!

Brazil 2 North Korea 1
Now this was a auprising match! Brazil did not have an easy time with North Korea. North Korea kept a strong and tight defence but in the end Brazil being Brazil found a way through it to score, twice! However towards the end of the game North Korea got a consolation goal that showed some suprising skill! I don't think any team should underestimate North Korea.

Group H
Honduras 0 Chile 1
I missed this game. Shame though, I heard it was alright.

Spain 0 Switzerland 1
The biggest suprise of the tournament so far! Spain are usually a joy to watch, such a technically gifted team. But even with their talent and skill they still got beating by quite frankly a slightly above average team like Switzerland. Spain did create some oppurtunities but they didn't score! Credit to Switzerland, they were well organised and they were hungry for a win. Sometimes it isn't skill that wins games, it's determination!

Teams I thought played well: South Africa, Mexico, South Korea, England, Ghana, Germany, Netherlands, All of group G and Switzerland.
Teams that were disappointing: France, Greece, Australia and Spain.

Who gonna go through to the 2nd round: Who knows?

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Are Some People Born Lucky!?

I've always wondered about how come some people can just get lucky a lot of the time!
Here's an example: My younger bro found in a space of a year got laid many times even though he doesn't try to get the ladies, found a 8GB Micro SD card at his local shopping mall and enters a raffle and wins a state of the art £400 mobile phone with more gadgets than a swiss army knife!
Here's the definition of what luck is:

You see I think some people are just lucky (or unlucky) in life and in certain areas of life in general. No matter what they seem to do.
Now some people think that luck doesn't exist and use stupid sayings like "You make your own luck", not realising that the saying is self contradicting.
Other people think that "Cause and Effect" explains luck. While that is true in some cases there are other cases where cause and effect doesn't have anything to do with luck.
Example: You getting a question right even though you don't know the answer!

I don't buy the argument that believing in luck negates free will or that luck makes people believe that it absolves people from personal responsibility.
Relying on luck does those things not believing in it!
Believing in luck is simply acknowledging the fact that some things are simply out of our control in life.

"Cause and Effect", "Karma", "Free Will", "Fate", "Luck", "Divine Will" etc
In the end, it's just life.
What do you think?

Friday, 4 June 2010

Finally, Somebody Gets "Monarchy"

At last people are starting to get what monarchies have to offer and why they are still relevant!
Check this link out:

There are some parts that I don't agree with, but the article is pretty much spot on in relation to "democracy".
It's a shame that silly little republicans can never understand why Monarchies work far better than republics! Still let them cling on to their stupid political beliefs!

Long live every Monarch reigning today!

Friday, 28 May 2010

R.I.P. Gary Coleman!

I just heard about an hour before I wrote this post that Gary Coleman has died.
Here's some info about who Gary Coleman is (or was):

I just wrote this quick post to pay my respects to him. I think despite his bitterness and his shortcomings (pardon the pun) he will sorely be missed!

"Watchu talkin' bout Willis" I think everyone will be talking about you, Gary Coleman!
R.I.P Gary, you're in a better place.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Players To Watch Out For In The 2010 FIFA World Cup

Only about a month till the 2010 FIFA World Cup starts!!!
I will go through the players that you should look out for in tournament!

England - Steven Gerrard, John Terry, Theo Walcott, Wayne Rooney, Jermaine Defoe and Peter Crouch.
South Africa - Aaron Mokoena, Steven Pienaar and Benny Mcarthy
Mexico - Rafael Marquez and Carlos Salcido
Uruguay - I don't know!
France - Bacary Sagna, Thierry (the cheat) Henry, Nicolas Anelka, Florent Malouda, Franck Ribery and Lassana Diarra
Argentina - Javier Mascherano, Carlos Tevez, Lionel Messi, Jonas Gutierrez and Maxi Rodriguez
Nigeria - Joseph Yobo, Taye Taiwo, John Utaka, Obafemi Martins and Victor Obinna
South Korea - Park Ji Sung
Greece - Georgios Samaras
U.S.A. - Carlos Bocanegra, Clint Dempsey, Jozy Altidore
Algeria - Nadir Belhadj
Slovenia - I dont know!
Germany - Miroslav Klose and Lukas Podolski,
Australia - Tim Cahill
Serbia - Dejan Stankovic and Nemanja Vidic
Ghana - Michael Essien, Sulley Muntari, Haminu Draman and Asamoah Gyan
Holland - Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Robin van Persie, Klaus Jan Huntelaar, Nigel de Jong and Rafael van der Vaart
Denmark - Dan Agger and Nicklas Bendtner
Japan - Shunsuke Nakamura and Marcus Tulio Tanaka
Cameroon - Samuel Eto'o, Alexandre Song and Jean Makoun
Italy - Gennaro Gattuso
Paraguay - Roque Santa Cruz
New Zealand - Ryan Nelsen
Slovakia - Martin Skrtel
Brazil - Kaka, Robinho and Daniel Alvez
North Korea - Who knows!
Ivory Coast - Didier Drogba, Yaya Toure, Bakary Kone, Aruna Dindane, Salomon Kalou and Kolo Toure
Portugal - Cristiano Ronaldo and Deco
Spain - Everybody!
Switzerland - I don't know
Honduras - Wilson Palacios
Chile - Who knows!

Go England!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Makiwara vs The Heavy Bag

There is a debate among martial artists about which 2 pieces of martial arts equipment is better: The Makiwara or The Heavy Bag.
There is endless banter about which is the superior training tool. Proponents of the makiwara will say one thing while the heavy bag enthusiasts will say something else.
Personally I think it's all a load of shit! The truth is that they both have their strengths and weaknesses. I would go through all of the arguments for both of the tools but I think it'll be a complete waste of time.
As I've said before I think as martial arts warriors we should be using a variety of training tools and not simply focusing on which tool is the best!
I use a heavy bag for practicing my combos, improving my physical strength and stamina.
I would use a makiwara for refining my technique, focus (kime) and for hardening my bones.
(While the heavy bag can harden bones, it doesn't do it as well as a makiwara!)
I also use many other different equipment from the Muk Yan Jong (wooden training dummy) to the B.O.B. (Body Opponent Bag) to the hanging wall bag used mainly by practitioners of Southern kung fu styles.
Just use whatever works for you.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Voting = A Useless Waste Of Fucking Time

On the 6th May 2010 the people of the U.K. went to vote in the U.K. General Election. Every political party before the said date was constantly advertising (straight up lying more like) to the British public to vote for them.
"Vote for me and I'll promise reduce taxes." "Vote for me and I'll make the U.K. great again" "Vote for me and I'll suck your dick" (the third statement is the most tempting being that I've not had any sexual contact in ages LOL!)
Most people know that they aren't going to keep their promises but still people vote for them like the idiots they are. I don't know about you guys but I hate democracy and voting. Why should I waste my time or energy on voting for quite frankly people I think are "scum of the earth"

Now some people might say this: "It's your civic duty to vote. Not voting is immoral"
I suppose that makes previous civilisations immoral as well!
Or say this: "Democracy isn't perfect but at least the people have a voice!"
First of all, who the fuck are "the people"?
Secondly, just because you have a voice doesn't mean that people are going to or even want to listen to you!

Personally nothing what people say or do will make me vote, ever!
Me not voting is my stand in saying fuck politicians.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Hojo Undo

Hojo undo is the Japanese term for supplementary exercises and the tools used in the martial arts, mainly Traditional Karate. The hojo undo tools are made out of stone (cement), iron, wood and straw.
Traditional hojo undo training develops physical strength, stamina, speed, discipline, muscle coordination, posture and flexibility!
I will go through all the different types of traditional hojo undo tools
Let's start with:

1. The Makiwara - The most well known of hojo undo!
This link explains what it is:
There isn't a modern day equivalent to the makiwara. Unlike the heavy bag, the makiwara more accurately simulates the hardness of the human body, thus making it more effective for training and conditioning our strikes. I personally think that every martial arts warrior should use one, especially if you practice the martial arts for self defence!
Also a padded Muk Yan Jong can help condition your strikes as well!
Please check this link out about why you should use a makiwara:

2. Chi Ishi - Is sort of like a dumbell which is weighted on one side only! It's made out of wood and stone (concrete) and is flexed about in a number of ways to help increase the strength of your fingers, wrists, hands, arms and chest. Also it helps with your posture!
Heavy Indian Clubs used by olden day strongmen and wrestlers also do the same thing!

3. Ishi Sashi - These are hand held weights made out of stone (concrete) and shaped like padlocks. You can use these to practice your punching techniques and also other exercises.
You can also use kettlebells and dumbellls as well but make sure they don't weigh any more than 7kg (15 pounds.)
Remember people hojo undo training is not about getting big muscles (they slow you down.) It's about overall physical maintainence and improvement!

4. Makiage Kigu - Simply a handle (made from anything) with some rope attached to the middle and the end of the rope is some type of weight! All you have to do is twist the handle to raise or lower the weight.
This trains your wrists.

5. Nigiri Game - Ceramic jars that can be filled with water, sand or whatever to increase their weight! You grip them with your fingers around the rim. You can practice blocking techniques and also move about in diffrrent stances to improve your stances and posture. Also by gripping the jars with your fingers it helps increase your finger strength.
They don't have to be ceramic jars, you can use say empty protein powder jars/contai ners as well!

6. Tetsu Geta - are iron sandals which are gripped by the toes! The practictioner moves around and practices certain kicks with them on (mainly the snap kick, low roundhouse kick and the side kick!) This type of training strenghtens the legs and improves kicking speed!

Please don't be tempted use ankle weights. They're dangerous as they grip around the ankles and destroy them over time!

7. Jari Bako - Is simply a large bowl filled with sand, rice, dried beans, gravel or even ballbearings. All you have to do is simply thrust your fingers into the contents of the bowl!

8. Kongoken -A large iron oval shaped ring mainly used by Goju Ryu karateka. you can use it for solo or partner training! Using this tool correctly can strengthen the legs, waist and arms (including the shoulders)

9. Tan - Is just a barbell made out of wood and stone (Cement.) Again I repeat this should not be used in a weightlifting or bench pressing way!
One of the ways you can use it is to roll it down your arms and throwing and catching it with your forearms continuously!
I wouldn't do that exercise with a metal barbell or actually use one in general!

10. Maki Stick - Is basically a wooden paddle which you use to beat yourself with across the arms, legs and torso.

Well that's it ............ I think!?
Here are some links with information about Hojo Undo:

Happy Training!!!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Why Is It So Hard To Get Girls?

As you guys should know I have the worst luck with women!
Yet what can I do?
I've given up on British women altogether, too broke to go abroad and for prostistutes and fed up with using my hands!

Oh well I'm screwed...................... actually I'm not screwed, I ain't getting any lol!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Is Hip Hop Dead Now?

More and more I find myself asking this question. And I have come to the conclusion that Hip Hop is Dead and Alive!
Here's my explaination!

So how is Hip Hop Dead?
It's Dead in a sense that American Hip Hop is shit now! It's glory days are over! Gone are the great lyrics, the funky beats, the dj scratching on hip hop songs today etc!
Back during the "Golden Age" of American Hip Hop (1984 -1997) Rappers were so diverse!
Some rappers would rap about crime and violence (N.W.A., Ice T), some would party rap (Whodini,Will smith) , some would tackle political or conscious issues (Public Enemy, KRS One, De la Soul) some rappers would rap about how great they were or are (Big Daddy Kane, KRS One, Kool G Rap) and some just rap for the hell of it (Beastie Boys.)
Yet, all (well most) had a thing called "talent". They let DJ's scratch on their songs. Even Underground American hip hop isn't all that great! Underground cats have lost their spark and have become up their own arse (not all of them though.)

Here's a quote which I heard:
Mainstream rappers have can't rap, while underground rappers can't entertain!

Most of today's mainstream American rappers are nothing but one trick ponies! All they do is rap about money, bling, love and how "gangsta" they are!
Granted some rappers in the golden age were also one trick ponies but at least they had talent.

I think the hip hop group that best describes what has happened to hip hop today is the Black Eyed Peas. Before Fergie the Black Eyed Peas were sick and they made one of the best hip hop albums of all time - Behind The Front.
Ever since Fergie joined the group they're an insult to my eardrums. They don't make hip hop anymore, the make dance/pop!
Quite frankly the Black Eyed Peas sold out but I digress.

So how is Hip Hop Alive?
Well it's alive because of 2 reasons:
1. Hip Hop is global now, There's Japanese Hip Hop, South African Hip Hop, Brazillian Hip Hop, French Hip Hop, German Hip Hop etc! No longer is it about the Americans!
While the U.S.A. will always be the home of Hip Hop and will always be an inspiration! Other countries will always have their own take on Hip Hop.
2. Hip Hop is a culture not just a genre of music. It composes of 4 (I think 5) elements -
DJing, MCing, B-Boying and Graffiti (I think beatboxing should be included as well!)
So long as just one of the elements exist so will Hip Hop!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Distributism - Another Economic Way?

Lets face facts - Capitalism and Socialism can't and won't work. However I've been looking up on a strange socio-economic theory called Distributism.
Here's a link to explain what Distributism is:

I don't know if it can work. However, it couldn't be any worse than Capitalism and Socialism.......... could it!?

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Martial Arts Essentials

I've been studying the martial arts (properly) since June 2000 and I've never looked back! Many martial artists practice for allsorts of reasons! Some practice for self defence (like me), some for sport, some to stay in shape, some for spiritual development (me also but not my top priority!)
I think that having the right equipment is just as important as the 3 K's of Karate,
Kihon - Basics
Kata - Forms
Kumite - Sparring

With the right equipment one can train themselves properly in the martial arts!
Here's what I think as martial artists who's primary concern is self defence, the equipment that we should use (please note that sportfighters can benefit a lot from some of the traditional and more obscure equipment and training that is used with the equipment aswell!)

1. Focus Mitts - Mainly used by sport fighters but can be adapted for self defence (traditional or RBSD styles.) These help focus your punches, palms, chops and elbows. Kicks and knees shouldn't not be done on them!

2. Thai Pads - Are really just larger and heavier versions of the focus mitts! These come in pairs (usually) and are worn across the forearms. They are usually rectangular. About 18" long, 8" wide and 4" thick.
You can work all sorts of striking techniques on Thai Pads. However stuff like running strikes e.g The running side kick, the running shoulder charge etc shouldn't be done on them!
This is what they look like:

3. Kicking Shields - As the name suggests! These are held with both hands and as close the body as possible!
Not only can they be used for kicking practice but also for shoulder and belly strike practice as well e.g. The Bajiquan shoulder strike!
This is what the look like:

4. Hand/Wrist Wraps - While I have 2 pairs of them, I personally wouldn't recommend them if you are concerned about self defence! Like it or lump it most street fights are going to be bare knuckle affairs! For sparring and competition they're useful!
All bag and pad work should be done with bare knuckles if you are mainly concerned about self defence!

5. Punching Bags - Great for endurance, physical strength and practicing combos! While there are many types of punching bags, I only recommend 3 for self defence:
The Heavy Bag (or uppercut bag), The Tower (Pedestal) Bag and The B.O.B.
(All things being equal, I'd rather have the B.O.B. they are much more realistic.)

6. Hojo Undo - Are the tools and the exercises that are practiced in Okinawan Karate! Hojo Undo help strengthen the body. One of the most famous hojo undo tools is the makiwara!
There are several hojo undo tools and I will write a blog about them and their uses later on!

7. Iron Rings - I wish I had some but they're expensive! They are mainly used in Southern Chinese Kung fu styles but they can be adapted to whatever martial arts style.

8. Muk Yan Jong (wooden training dummy) - These rock but my god they are expensive. These train your forearms, shins, stances, posture, angles, put some padding around some areas and it can improve your strikes as well! One of the best pieces of martial arts equipment ever!

9. Herbal Ointments - By this I mean Dit Da Jow medicines, Muay Thai Oil (Namman Muay), The medicinal oils of Kalarippayattu etc. Great for helping the body to heal!

10. Protective Gear - You know the usual, Chest Protecter, Headgear, MMA/Grappler gloves etc. However if you're concerned about self defence I would rather use MMA/Grappler gloves over the Boxing and Karate gloves!

Well that's it! I hope you guys are rich. Buying all this stuff is expensive! LOL!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I Hope The U.K. Don't Make The Same Mistake With Mephedrone

I have a bad feeling that the U.K. will make the drug Mephedrone, illegal.
There have been a couple of deaths recently supposedly linked with Mephedrone in the U.K.!

Now the campaigners and drugs prohibitonalists (arseholes!!!) want the drug to be banned! Yeah, because making drugs illegal has obviously worked for the past 70-100 years! (Please note the sarcasm!)
Nobody today smokes weed or crack, snorts coke, injects smack, pops any pills etc (sarcasm!)
If the U.K. makes Mephedrone illegal, it won't stop people from taking it, the organised crime gangs will get ahold on it, make the drug more expensive and lucrative, finally it will only be smuggled into the country through somebody's anus or by some random boat ( hopefully the latter of the two!)
The U.K. must not change the law status on mephedrone just because some people have (allegedly) died from taking the drug or because it's "addictive."
Now is the time to realise that making drugs illegal always does more harm than good and is fundamentally immoral to do so.

Here's a link on what mephedrone is:

Hell, even if the U.K. g'ment makes miaow, miaow illegal, I still take it LOL!

Friday, 19 March 2010

National Football (Soccer) Team Nicknames

I love Football (or as you yanks call it Soccer.) Can't wait till the 2010 FIFA World Cup actually starts. The funny thing is I've always liked the nicknames of the national teams. As you guys might know, I believe names are important and should be well thought over!
Here are the nicknames of the national football (soocer) teams in the 2010 FIFA World Cup:

Europe :
England - The 3 Lions
Denmark - The Danish Dynamite or the Dynamites
France - The Blues (Come on now France, make a fucking effort!)
Germany - The Machine Team
Greece - The Pirate Ship
Italy - The Blues (Like France, make an effort!)
Netherlands - The Flying Dutchmen, The Clockwork Oranges, The Clockworks, The Oranges
Portugal - The Selection of Shields, The Shields
Serbia - The White Eagles
Slovakia - The Fighting Jondas
Slovenia -
Spain - The Red Fury, The Fury, The Reds
Switzerland - The National Team (I don't think Switzerland tried too hard, don't you!?)

South Africa - The Boys, The Boys Boys
Nigeria - The Super Eagles
Cote D'Iviore - The Elephants
Cameroon - The Indomitable Lions
Ghana - The Black Stars
Algeria - The Desert Foxes, The Desert Warriors, The Greens

South America:
Argentina - The White & Sky Blues (As you can tell, I hate it when team give themselves colour nicknames.)
Brazil - The Little Canaries, The Samba Kings, The Green & Yellows
Chile - The Reds, Everybody's Team (Pathetic nicknames1)
Paraguay - The Guaranies
Uruguay - The Charruas

Asia (Including Australia & New Zealand):
Australia - The Socceroos, The Ozzies
Japan - The Samurais, The Blue Samurais
North Korea - The Chollimas
South Korea - The Taeguk Warriors, The Tigers of Asia
New Zealand - The All Whites, The Kiwis

North America:
Honduras - The Catrachos, The Bicolors
Mexico - The Tricolours, The Giants of North America
USA - The Yankees

Here are the Nicknames of other national teams:

Thursday, 28 January 2010

My Favourite and Worst Names!

What's in a name!? - A lot of things actually!
Names establishes our individuality. Names help us to connect with individual humans on a personal level! (That's the reason why a lot of soldiers in modern day wars didn't want to know the names of their fellow cohorts!)
A lot of cultures took the naming of a newborn child very seriously! The parents would do research and consult with whatever holy men they believe in!

Anyway here are the boys names that I like:
  • Steven-Gerrard (Hey I'm a Liverpool F.C. supporter)
  • Charles (A strong name, a name for kings!)
  • Leon (Race neutral and simple)
  • Che (After the commie but I like that name!)
  • James (Simple and Strong!)
  • The "arry" names - Garry, Barry, Harry and Larry!
  • Javier (A combination of french and spanish! I just love that name!)
  • Alex (Just a "Great" name! LOL!)
  • Axel (Sound cool!)
  • Isaac (Strong biblical name!)
  • Isaiah (Again, a strong biblical name)
  • Darren (Strong and race neutral)
  • Warren (I don't know why I like that name!)
  • Ryan (I don't know why I like this name either!)
  • Dan (Good, strong name!)
  • Sam (Race neutral and both genders can have it. Sweet!)
  • Conrad (My little bro's name. Just a nice name. It's german for wise one!)
  • Zidane (After the legendary french footie player!)
  • Drake (Very american white boy but I like it!)
  • Adam (Good Biblical name!)
  • Sylvain (Yes it's french but who cares. I like it!)
  • Ricardo (Just Italian, Spanish and Portuguese for Richard really!)
  • Chad (Believe it or not the name is more race neutral than you think. Chad is actually short for Chadwick!)
  • Solomon (Good Biblical name!)
  • Emmanuel (Strange name but I like it!)
  • Cervantes (After the pirate in the soul calibur games. Cool name!)
  • Santiago (Nice name and also the capital of Chile!)
  • Kilik (Again I got the name of a soul calibur character! I think the name is Turco-Mongolian in origin!)
  • Masamune (Japanese name! I like it!)
  • Balthier (After a FFXII character! Strange name!)
  • Salvatore (I just like the name!)
  • Kenshin (Japanese name! Cool name!)
  • Shingen (Also Japanese! Cool name!)
  • Maxwell (I don't like the name maximillian, too long!)
  • Sigismund (Strange name. German name. I like it!)
  • Carlos (Wait a minute! It's just Spanish Charles really! LOL!)
  • Roc (Mythical giant bird of pray! Now I'm getting weird!)
  • Tabarzin (A type of axe! Why do I like that name!?)

The boys names that I can't stand:

  • American white boy names like Todd, Cory, Hunter, Brendan, Lance, Bubba (I know that prisoners don't like the name Bubba LOL!) etc
  • Black ghetto names like TiShawn, Demarcus, Devonte etc. The Arabic names like Malik or Jamal I like and are infact genuine names (Malik = King in Arabic!)
  • There are some other name like - Paul, Joe, Colin, Reginald, Walter, Barrington, John, Brian and many more!

Now for the Girls Names I like:

  • Hidagarde (German for War shield. Despite that I like that name!)
  • Hannah (Strong biblical name!)
  • Jenny (Plain and simple. I like it!)
  • Lioness (Yes I've heard some called their child Lioness! Weird but Strong name!)
  • Argentina (I love names of countries and this would sound nice for a girl. It means Land of silver!)
  • Sam (Check above statement!)
  • India (Lovely country! Nice name!)
  • Cinnamon (Cute name!)
  • Vanilla (Also a cute name!)
  • Sanaki (Strange name but I like it!)
  • Sahara (I'm suprised nobdy would use this as a name! I think it's beautiful!)
  • Essence (Why do I like taht as name!?)
  • Topaz (Gem names are so last year! Who cares!)
  • Kimberly (Simple name!)
  • Connie (There's just something cute about that name!)
  • Isabella (It's a bit old fashioned but it still rocks!)
  • Magdalena (Pretty name!)
  • Reina (I love that name! It means Queen in spanish!)
  • Asia (A Beautiful continent and a great name to go with it!)
  • Cyan (It means blue! Cute name!)
  • Rose (I knew one proper hot white girl called Rose! Anyway why do I like that name again!?)
  • Lavendar (Flower names are just weird! LOL!)

Girls names that I can't stand:

  • Proper American white girl names like Kristy, Summer, Nikki, Alexis, Taylor, Gretchen etc!
  • Ghetto Black names like Shaniqua, Latavia, Shanene, Laquisha etc!

So there's the names that I like. What about you guys or girls ,what names do you like?

Sunday, 24 January 2010

I Just Give Up!

I've give up with women! There's just no point in trying to get one! Women are fickle and quite frankly I can't stand fickleness. I get a girl's number, we chat for a bit, she loses interest and I'm back to square 1, being a fucking mug (chump = mug.)
When you women finally know what you want, call me. Until that time, Fuck Off!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Oligarchy! Is Inevitable!

We all love to believe (well most people do) that there are different forms of government, each with it's own ideology and unique way of ruling. However, if you scratch the surface of any form of government, you'll come to realise that they are fundumentally the same.

Yep! Oligarchies! From a Monarchy be it Constitutional or Absolute to a Republic be it Presidential or Parliamentary!

So what exactly is an oligarchy!?
Check this link out:

So why does every form government become an oligarchy!?
Check this link out:

The truth is that these 2 sayings have never been more true when it come to government:
"No man is his own island!" & "Too many cooks spoil the broth!"
Ultimately, all forms of government are oligarchial. It's inevitable!

Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Most Underrated Individual Rappers

This is my first blog for the year 2010.
My favourite genre of popular music is Hip Hop! I just love it! Nothing like a good hip hop tune to ease you or get you in the mood!
Still, I've been thinking about the good rappers that don't get the props they deserve!
The one's that are unappreciated, even though they have mad skillz!

Here's who I think are the most underrated rappers (in random order):
1. Memphis Bleek
2. Heavy D
3. Jaz O/Big Jas/The Jas
4. Abdominal - A Canadian rapper
5. Xzibit
6. Lord Finesse from D.I.T.C.
7. Grand Puba from Brand Nubian
8. Chip Fu from the FU Schnickens
9. AZ
10. Marcelo D2 - A Brazilian Rapper
11. MC Serch
12. Chubb Rock
13. Prince Po from Organized Konfusion
14. Akil from Jurassic 5!
15. The D.O.C.

There's more but I think you get the idea!
Who do you guys feel is underrated in the Hip Hop Game!?