Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Torturers = Cowardly Scum of the Earth!!!

The title is self explanatory. Torturers are scum of the earth. They are at the bottom of the chain with Paedophiles, Dictators (evil), Serial Killers, Most of today's politicians, Most Left and Right wingers etc.

What Is Torture?
A simple question that has many definitions. This is the definition I and many people use.
Torture is the delibrate infliction of physical and psychological trauma on a defenceless person or people (animals can be tortured as well) for :
  • Extraction of information.
  • A form of punishment.
  • For it's own sake.

The only type of people that torture are pussies. The type of people that condone and justify torture are nearly as bad as the torturers themselves. My advice to anybody is do not trust a torturer or those that justify it.

Btw if your comments are going to defend the use of torture for whatever reason. Expect ad hominems against you (mainly white american right wing protestant christians.)


Herneith said...

Only a lunatic would endorse torture. There is no justfication for it. As for extracting information from someone, a person will tell the torturer what they want to hear in most cases. Therefore any nformation gleaned may be negligible.

IDIOT face said...

Unfortunately Hernieth people that usually endorse torture are normal everyday people that are scared and believe whatver their state tells them!
As for the torturers themselves! I would love to ask them how could they do such thing to mtheir fellow man!
After I've beat the crap out of them lol!