Friday, 18 September 2009

Favourite Musical Genres

I love music. There isn't a day when I go out that I'm not listening to my favourite tracks.
There are some genres of music that I love, some that I don't mind and some that I can't stand.
Here are my favourites:
  1. Hip Hop - It's a shame that it's dying now in 2009. It's glory days are over but boy do we remember the glory days of hip hop (1985-1997)
  2. Drum & Bass - I can't stand dance/electronica music but D&B is different. It's the only dance/electronica music that doesn't need drugs to make it sound good.
  3. Roots Reggae - There's just something about it.
  4. Metal - Not all forms of metal are good but you do get some good metal.
  5. Funk - Just funky. If you don't like funk then you have no soul!!!
  6. Rock - No, metal and rock are not the same.
  7. Soul - I love some old soul records. In my opinion the most talented musical genre.
  8. Punk Rock - Oi! Oi! There's 2 types of punk rock. Good type and the bad type.
  9. Fusion Genres - there are a lot of them but here are some which I like: Funk rock, funk metal, D&B metal, rap rock, reggae rock and many others.

Here are some links of some of the song that I like:

Hip Hop -

Drum & Bass -

Roots Reggae -

Metal -

Funk -

Rock -

Soul -

Punk Rock -

That's it!!!

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