Monday, 28 September 2009

Chuck Norrisisms!!!

I keep hearing jokes about Chuck Norris and his incredible physical feats, so I decided to google them up and read them for myself and boy are they funny.
Here check themout for yourselves:

btw the second links also contain Mr T isms as well.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

What Am I Politically?

That's a question I've been asked on numerous occassions. So here goes.
I am not a Liberal (pussy) or a Conservative (pussy.) They are just terms to split politics into something too simplistic. Also have you ever noticed that when people call themselves a Liberal or a Conservative they always seem to think themselves as the only true liberal or conservative.
It's kinda funny how liberals want to the state to do and give them everything and conservatives want the state to protect them from everything and want the state to dish out draconian laws in the name of security. They accuse eachother of dickriding the state. Yet, they fail to "look in the mirror."
Btw liberals (left wing pussies) and conservatives (right wing pussies or cunts) both ride state dick and mine (they just can't get enough of my dick.)

Anyway!!! Out of the socio-political and socio-economic ideologies. This is what I agree with:
I am anti feminist (all types), anti capitalist, anti socialist, anti communist, anti MRA, Anti fascist, anti democracy, anti fundamentalist (including fundy atheist), anti anarchist, anti patriotic.
I am not libertarian but I do lean towards it. I also agree with some paleo-conservative principles as well. I do believe in the seperation of religion and state but having a state religion is cool.
The only thing I am for is, pro monarchy.
Long live every monarch!!!

Here is where I lie on the political chart spectrum

The first graph I done it on this website:
The second one, on this website:

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Why I think that most countries in the world should be a Monarchy

As you guys should know I'm a proud monarchist and I believe that "Monarchy" is the best system of government ever (well a constitutional monarch with some powers of veto and decision making!)
I used to be a republican (not the U.S. political party kind) then I realised that most republics are usually unstable, corrupt, tyranical (if you don't believe me, look at 20th century republics) and above all too utopian to really work effectively. In today's age of states. Countries can be broken down into 2 things: Monarchy or Republic. In turn they can be broken down as well.

What is a Monarchy?
That's a hard question to answer. The best I can answer it is this:
A monarchy is a system of government which involves a crowned head of state and the power of the state is officially invested in the crown. This position is gained through hereditary (family) means or they are chosen by an elite group (usually the aristocracy of the state) and the would be monarch goes through a coronation. (Of course there are exceptions.)

What is a Republic?
A republic is a system of government where the state doesn't have a monarch as the head of state and the power of the state is officially invested in "the people." (There are exceptions.)

There are 2 types of Monarchy and Republic:
Monarchy - Constitutional and Absolute.
Republic - Parliamentary and Presidential.

Constitutional Monarchy - Where the monarch holds little or no executive state power. They are not the head of government. Examples - U.K., Japan, Morocco etc
Absolute Monarchy - Where the monarch hold supreme executive state power. They are the head of government as well as the head of state. Examples - Saudi Arabia, Oman, Swaziland etc.
Parliamentary Republic - Where the republican head of state (usually a President) holds little or no executive state power. Just the head of state. Examples - Israel, India, Ireland etc.
Presidential Republics - Where the president holds supreme executive state power. Examples - U.S.A., Brazil, North Korea etc.

While republics sound more egalitarian and just in theory. In practice......... nuff said!!!
Here are the reasons why most countries should have a monarch as a head of state (or become a monarchy:)
  1. Monarchies are cheaper to run than republics.
  2. Monarchs can be used as a unifying symbol of a state.
  3. Monarchs are much more apolitical than presidents.
  4. Monarchs (most times) are born into the profession of running a country and its people.
  5. Monarchs can give a country a sense of tradition.
  6. Monarchs are not at the bidding of "the people"

That's that. Long live every monarch!!!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

The World Cup

The World Cup is the greatest sporting event on the planet. There is nothing like it.
Here are the details of it:
You've gotta love the beautiful game!!! Go England!!!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Torturers = Cowardly Scum of the Earth!!!

The title is self explanatory. Torturers are scum of the earth. They are at the bottom of the chain with Paedophiles, Dictators (evil), Serial Killers, Most of today's politicians, Most Left and Right wingers etc.

What Is Torture?
A simple question that has many definitions. This is the definition I and many people use.
Torture is the delibrate infliction of physical and psychological trauma on a defenceless person or people (animals can be tortured as well) for :
  • Extraction of information.
  • A form of punishment.
  • For it's own sake.

The only type of people that torture are pussies. The type of people that condone and justify torture are nearly as bad as the torturers themselves. My advice to anybody is do not trust a torturer or those that justify it.

Btw if your comments are going to defend the use of torture for whatever reason. Expect ad hominems against you (mainly white american right wing protestant christians.)

Friday, 18 September 2009

Favourite Musical Genres

I love music. There isn't a day when I go out that I'm not listening to my favourite tracks.
There are some genres of music that I love, some that I don't mind and some that I can't stand.
Here are my favourites:
  1. Hip Hop - It's a shame that it's dying now in 2009. It's glory days are over but boy do we remember the glory days of hip hop (1985-1997)
  2. Drum & Bass - I can't stand dance/electronica music but D&B is different. It's the only dance/electronica music that doesn't need drugs to make it sound good.
  3. Roots Reggae - There's just something about it.
  4. Metal - Not all forms of metal are good but you do get some good metal.
  5. Funk - Just funky. If you don't like funk then you have no soul!!!
  6. Rock - No, metal and rock are not the same.
  7. Soul - I love some old soul records. In my opinion the most talented musical genre.
  8. Punk Rock - Oi! Oi! There's 2 types of punk rock. Good type and the bad type.
  9. Fusion Genres - there are a lot of them but here are some which I like: Funk rock, funk metal, D&B metal, rap rock, reggae rock and many others.

Here are some links of some of the song that I like:

Hip Hop -

Drum & Bass -

Roots Reggae -

Metal -

Funk -

Rock -

Soul -

Punk Rock -

That's it!!!

I Love Latinas!!!

There are certain things in life that make you glad to be alive (with me though, there isn't much.) One of those things for me are Latino women or Latinas. Don't get me wrong, I love women of all races and ethnicities, but there's something about latinas that I just can't really put my finger on. Here are some of the attributes that I just love about Latinas:
  1. Their Loyalty - Latinas are some of the most loyal women on the planet.
  2. They Respect Men - They want their men to be men.
  3. Their Femininity - They are not afraid to be feminine, dress nice, look good, want children, be maternal. Unlike today's western woman.
  4. Their Strength - Lord knows they are incredibly strong mentally and of character and heaven help you if you get on the wrong side of them.
  5. Their many colours - They come in all sorts of colours (remember latino isn't a race.) From milk coluored like Cameron Diaz, to dark chocolate like Zoe Saldana and everything in between.

Unfortunately there isn't very many latinas living in England. I guess I have to emmigrate!!!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

WWII Aircraft

We all know about WWII (well we should, if not, heaven help us all!)
To me. The most facinating thing about WWII was the aicrafts. There's just something about them.
Here are some of my favourites:

De Havilland Mosquito -
Spitfife -
Boulton Paul Defiant -
Curtiss P-40 -
Hurricane -
A6M Zero -
Mustang -
Junkers Ju 88 -

Lnacaster -
Dornier Do 217 -
B-17 Flying Fortress -
B-29 Superfortress -

Here's the list of all the aircraft flown during WWII:

Please let us remember this bloody and violent war. Those that forget history are doomed to repeat it.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

The (stereo)Typical "Latino/Latina" Look

What does America Fererra, Ana Ortiz, Eva Longoria-Parker, Adrianna Lima, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Tony Plana, Ricardo Antonio Chavira (Carlos from "Desperate Housewives"), Kaka (Brazilian Footballer or if Yanks are reading this Soccer player) and Fat Joe have in common.
They are all Latinos, right. Sure they are but what about Christina Milian, Zoe Saldana, Dania Ramirez, Rosario Dawson, Mariah Carey, Cameron Diaz, Merlin Santana (R.I.P.), Pele (greatest footballer ever or if any yanks are reading this, soccer player), Wyclef Jean (yes he's latino as well and I shall explain later.) They are also latino as well but why don't they ever get recognised as such or get given "latino" roles (there are exceptions i.e. Dania Ramirez.)
Before I get to explaining the title I have to answer this important question.

What is a Latino?
Latino = Latin American.
A Latin American is a person that comes from or is descended from a person that's from an American country (north or south) where the main language is derived from latin.
i.e. Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Romanian.
The term "Latin American" was coined by Emperor Napoleon III of France.
I'm sure that you have noticed that in my explanation I never used the term "hispanic" or "race."
For you see a Latino can be of any race. Hispanic simply means a person that is from a country where the main language spoken is Spanish.
Hispanic and Latino are not the same.
Examples: Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz and Paz Vega are technically Hispanic (they are from Spain), but they are not latino.
Some other examples are Wyclef Jean, Pele, Adrianna Lima etc are latino but they are not hispanic because they don't come from a country that speaks spanish.
While many people (including hispanic latinos) will acknowledge that Brazilians are latino. They will not acknowledge Haitians, French Guineans, Guadeloupeans and Martiniquans (I've propably spelt that wrong) as being latino.

Back to the topic. the first lot of latinos that I've mentioned all have a "stereotypical" latino look.
This look is mainly portayed in the U.S.A. and in other spanish speaking latin american countries (mainly to get tourism and for other racist intentions.)
This look consists of:
  • A tanned looking guy or girl, or a (very) light skinned black guy or girl. One thing is, they cannot be dark skinned unless they have native american ancestry in them e.g. George Lopez.
  • Dark straight hair or curly hair but it can't be too nappy. There are exceptions.
  • Dark eyes. There are exceptions.
  • Usually must have caucasian features. Again there are exceptions.
  • Usually for women. Must be curvacious.
  • For the men. Tall, dark and handsome.
  • Usually must speak with an accent, even if they are born in the U.S.A. again there are exceptions.

The second lot I've mentioned would not be cast or sometimes not even to be considered latino. They would get mainly the "black" guy or girl roles ( or in the case of the super hot Cameron Diaz "white" girl roles.)

In fact Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz and Paz Vega have played the "latino" role even though they aren't latino themselves. They just have the stereotypical look of a "latino."

We must do what we can to educate others and get rid of this foolish notion that latino is a race and hispanic latinos must except that french speaking latin americans are indeed latino and except them into the latino community.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

My Favourite Monarchs Past and Present

Monarchy as one of the Popes said: the best of all governments ( I can't remember which one. )
I personally think that most countries in the world should have a monarch and become a monarchy but that's for another blog.
Anyway here's my top 10 favourite monarchs past and present:

1. Mansa Musa of the Mali Empire.
2. Saladin
3. Genghis Khan
4. Emperor Maximilian I of Mexico
5. King Richard the Lionheart
6. King Juan Carlos I of Spain
7. HIM Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia
8. Kublai Khan
9. Suleiman the Magnificent
10. Charlemagne

Well there you have it. So if anyone is reading this. Who are your top 10 favourite monarchs?