Sunday, 27 September 2009

What Am I Politically?

That's a question I've been asked on numerous occassions. So here goes.
I am not a Liberal (pussy) or a Conservative (pussy.) They are just terms to split politics into something too simplistic. Also have you ever noticed that when people call themselves a Liberal or a Conservative they always seem to think themselves as the only true liberal or conservative.
It's kinda funny how liberals want to the state to do and give them everything and conservatives want the state to protect them from everything and want the state to dish out draconian laws in the name of security. They accuse eachother of dickriding the state. Yet, they fail to "look in the mirror."
Btw liberals (left wing pussies) and conservatives (right wing pussies or cunts) both ride state dick and mine (they just can't get enough of my dick.)

Anyway!!! Out of the socio-political and socio-economic ideologies. This is what I agree with:
I am anti feminist (all types), anti capitalist, anti socialist, anti communist, anti MRA, Anti fascist, anti democracy, anti fundamentalist (including fundy atheist), anti anarchist, anti patriotic.
I am not libertarian but I do lean towards it. I also agree with some paleo-conservative principles as well. I do believe in the seperation of religion and state but having a state religion is cool.
The only thing I am for is, pro monarchy.
Long live every monarch!!!

Here is where I lie on the political chart spectrum

The first graph I done it on this website:
The second one, on this website:

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