Sunday, 24 January 2010

I Just Give Up!

I've give up with women! There's just no point in trying to get one! Women are fickle and quite frankly I can't stand fickleness. I get a girl's number, we chat for a bit, she loses interest and I'm back to square 1, being a fucking mug (chump = mug.)
When you women finally know what you want, call me. Until that time, Fuck Off!


Mira said...

Maybe you should change something about your approach.

Or maybe you're attracted to the wrong kind of women.

IDIOT face said...


I've changed my approach so many times it's not even funny anymore!
I'm done with women! I wish I was a big mincing homo lol!

Mira said...

Well, in that case, there's only one solution (if you don't want to date guys): approach different kind of women than you usually do. We are not all the same. (If you think we are, there's a problem).

It looks like you're attracted to the wrong kind of women.

Approach women you never approached before (because of lack of interest): tomboys, geeky girls, woman without style, women with way too much style, shy women- any "type" (I kinda hate this word, but it'll do) of women you never noticed before.

If all of them treat you the same- it's the problem with your approach. You must learn to see women as individuals.

You seem like a guy who can discuss serious issues, such as race, but when it comes to women- your posts often seem a bit misogynistic. Maybe I am wrong (I hope so). It seems like you'd like to be in a relationship, but at the same time, you hate 90% of things "all" women do.

We are not the same! Treat women as individuals and chances are you'll find someone who would do the same for you.

Herneith said...

Don't give up! Good things come to those who wait.