Tuesday, 23 March 2010

I Hope The U.K. Don't Make The Same Mistake With Mephedrone

I have a bad feeling that the U.K. will make the drug Mephedrone, illegal.
There have been a couple of deaths recently supposedly linked with Mephedrone in the U.K.!

Now the campaigners and drugs prohibitonalists (arseholes!!!) want the drug to be banned! Yeah, because making drugs illegal has obviously worked for the past 70-100 years! (Please note the sarcasm!)
Nobody today smokes weed or crack, snorts coke, injects smack, pops any pills etc (sarcasm!)
If the U.K. makes Mephedrone illegal, it won't stop people from taking it, the organised crime gangs will get ahold on it, make the drug more expensive and lucrative, finally it will only be smuggled into the country through somebody's anus or by some random boat ( hopefully the latter of the two!)
The U.K. must not change the law status on mephedrone just because some people have (allegedly) died from taking the drug or because it's "addictive."
Now is the time to realise that making drugs illegal always does more harm than good and is fundamentally immoral to do so.

Here's a link on what mephedrone is:

Hell, even if the U.K. g'ment makes miaow, miaow illegal, I still take it LOL!


Herneith said...

People die from alcoholism to. Why haven't they oulaed that? Alcohol is more widely consumed and as a result more deadly in many instances. Outlawing every drug misused or abused my some people just adds a certain taboo to it. People who would never think to use these drug will try them because of the illicit appeal. Legalize all of them. You will always have a small hardcore group of addicts, who like the poor, will always be with us.

IDIOT face said...

@ Hernieth:

Couldn't of put it better myself.
While mephedrone is a very powerful drug, it's no more dangerous than alcohol.