Thursday, 10 June 2010

Are Some People Born Lucky!?

I've always wondered about how come some people can just get lucky a lot of the time!
Here's an example: My younger bro found in a space of a year got laid many times even though he doesn't try to get the ladies, found a 8GB Micro SD card at his local shopping mall and enters a raffle and wins a state of the art £400 mobile phone with more gadgets than a swiss army knife!
Here's the definition of what luck is:

You see I think some people are just lucky (or unlucky) in life and in certain areas of life in general. No matter what they seem to do.
Now some people think that luck doesn't exist and use stupid sayings like "You make your own luck", not realising that the saying is self contradicting.
Other people think that "Cause and Effect" explains luck. While that is true in some cases there are other cases where cause and effect doesn't have anything to do with luck.
Example: You getting a question right even though you don't know the answer!

I don't buy the argument that believing in luck negates free will or that luck makes people believe that it absolves people from personal responsibility.
Relying on luck does those things not believing in it!
Believing in luck is simply acknowledging the fact that some things are simply out of our control in life.

"Cause and Effect", "Karma", "Free Will", "Fate", "Luck", "Divine Will" etc
In the end, it's just life.
What do you think?

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