Thursday, 28 January 2010

My Favourite and Worst Names!

What's in a name!? - A lot of things actually!
Names establishes our individuality. Names help us to connect with individual humans on a personal level! (That's the reason why a lot of soldiers in modern day wars didn't want to know the names of their fellow cohorts!)
A lot of cultures took the naming of a newborn child very seriously! The parents would do research and consult with whatever holy men they believe in!

Anyway here are the boys names that I like:
  • Steven-Gerrard (Hey I'm a Liverpool F.C. supporter)
  • Charles (A strong name, a name for kings!)
  • Leon (Race neutral and simple)
  • Che (After the commie but I like that name!)
  • James (Simple and Strong!)
  • The "arry" names - Garry, Barry, Harry and Larry!
  • Javier (A combination of french and spanish! I just love that name!)
  • Alex (Just a "Great" name! LOL!)
  • Axel (Sound cool!)
  • Isaac (Strong biblical name!)
  • Isaiah (Again, a strong biblical name)
  • Darren (Strong and race neutral)
  • Warren (I don't know why I like that name!)
  • Ryan (I don't know why I like this name either!)
  • Dan (Good, strong name!)
  • Sam (Race neutral and both genders can have it. Sweet!)
  • Conrad (My little bro's name. Just a nice name. It's german for wise one!)
  • Zidane (After the legendary french footie player!)
  • Drake (Very american white boy but I like it!)
  • Adam (Good Biblical name!)
  • Sylvain (Yes it's french but who cares. I like it!)
  • Ricardo (Just Italian, Spanish and Portuguese for Richard really!)
  • Chad (Believe it or not the name is more race neutral than you think. Chad is actually short for Chadwick!)
  • Solomon (Good Biblical name!)
  • Emmanuel (Strange name but I like it!)
  • Cervantes (After the pirate in the soul calibur games. Cool name!)
  • Santiago (Nice name and also the capital of Chile!)
  • Kilik (Again I got the name of a soul calibur character! I think the name is Turco-Mongolian in origin!)
  • Masamune (Japanese name! I like it!)
  • Balthier (After a FFXII character! Strange name!)
  • Salvatore (I just like the name!)
  • Kenshin (Japanese name! Cool name!)
  • Shingen (Also Japanese! Cool name!)
  • Maxwell (I don't like the name maximillian, too long!)
  • Sigismund (Strange name. German name. I like it!)
  • Carlos (Wait a minute! It's just Spanish Charles really! LOL!)
  • Roc (Mythical giant bird of pray! Now I'm getting weird!)
  • Tabarzin (A type of axe! Why do I like that name!?)

The boys names that I can't stand:

  • American white boy names like Todd, Cory, Hunter, Brendan, Lance, Bubba (I know that prisoners don't like the name Bubba LOL!) etc
  • Black ghetto names like TiShawn, Demarcus, Devonte etc. The Arabic names like Malik or Jamal I like and are infact genuine names (Malik = King in Arabic!)
  • There are some other name like - Paul, Joe, Colin, Reginald, Walter, Barrington, John, Brian and many more!

Now for the Girls Names I like:

  • Hidagarde (German for War shield. Despite that I like that name!)
  • Hannah (Strong biblical name!)
  • Jenny (Plain and simple. I like it!)
  • Lioness (Yes I've heard some called their child Lioness! Weird but Strong name!)
  • Argentina (I love names of countries and this would sound nice for a girl. It means Land of silver!)
  • Sam (Check above statement!)
  • India (Lovely country! Nice name!)
  • Cinnamon (Cute name!)
  • Vanilla (Also a cute name!)
  • Sanaki (Strange name but I like it!)
  • Sahara (I'm suprised nobdy would use this as a name! I think it's beautiful!)
  • Essence (Why do I like taht as name!?)
  • Topaz (Gem names are so last year! Who cares!)
  • Kimberly (Simple name!)
  • Connie (There's just something cute about that name!)
  • Isabella (It's a bit old fashioned but it still rocks!)
  • Magdalena (Pretty name!)
  • Reina (I love that name! It means Queen in spanish!)
  • Asia (A Beautiful continent and a great name to go with it!)
  • Cyan (It means blue! Cute name!)
  • Rose (I knew one proper hot white girl called Rose! Anyway why do I like that name again!?)
  • Lavendar (Flower names are just weird! LOL!)

Girls names that I can't stand:

  • Proper American white girl names like Kristy, Summer, Nikki, Alexis, Taylor, Gretchen etc!
  • Ghetto Black names like Shaniqua, Latavia, Shanene, Laquisha etc!

So there's the names that I like. What about you guys or girls ,what names do you like?

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Mira said...

I don't live in an English-speaking country, so the names I like or dislike are different. Speaking of names most English-speaking people are more familiar, I do have my preferences, but I must note I don't know any people with any of those names. Which means I don't judge names based on people, or any other solid "rule".

* = Name that can be used in my country

Boys names I like:

Some names nobody seem to like because they're old/overused/made into joke/whatever: Edward, Richard, Michael

My husband's name is Vladimir, a name that I never thought much about, but now when I think about it, I do like it. It's a nice name.

Girls names I like:


Now, about dislikes... I have no idea. I didn't care about my name when I was a teenager though there are worse ones)! I don't seem to like overused names, but way too original are often problematic. People should find a better way of showing their creativity than giving their children weird names (many celebrities do this).