Thursday, 17 December 2009

Tall women not dating short men! WTF!?

Man I haven't posted anything in ages. Lets begin.
As I've been roaming the web I've noticed that a lot tall women (5'8" +) seem to have a problem with dating men shorter than themselves ( actually I think women of all heights seem to have this problem!)
Now I bet you're thinking "This guy's probably a short arse 5'3" munchkin that's just jealous of taller men and women!"
Well you're wrong! I'm 5'10" ( that's the average male height across the world! ) and I have had a girlfriend that was 6' tall (what a pair of legs!) At first she was a little bit iffy about dating someone smaller than her but she came around eventually and she's no longer care's about the the height of any of her dates anymore!
Unfortunately women like her are few and far between. Despite all the talk of modern day women being "strong, confident and know what's she wants" deep down they are still shallow superficial cavemen bitches who can't use their god (or nature) given brain to see past the bullshit evolution and social upbringings have installed in them!
They still use vacuous and foolish statements like:
  • "I feel more feminine if a guy's taller than me."
  • "I feel protected when the guy is taller than me."
  • "Tall men are more masculine."
  • "Short men have Napoleon Complexes!"
  • "It's just embarrassing dating a guy shorter than you! All my (shallow) friends would disapprove!"
  • I want to wear my high heels when I'm with my man!
  • I feel like a cradle snatcher when I'm with a short man!

The more I hear these arguments the more sexist I become. I understand that everyone has their preferences but remember we should not limit ourselves to them!

I tend to find that women are far more inflexible when it comes to dating then men are! I keep hearing tall women say it's hard finding man but it's usually the tall women themselves that limit their choices to men taller than they are.

Many say that the reason why women are attracted to tall men or men taller than themselves is because of evolution. The taller the man the stronger he is. Many scientists theorise that tall men being physically stronger they could better defend themselves and over people from predators and rivals in the days of when human beings were hunter-gatherers!

While I don't dispute that the taller men tend to be physically stronger! I and many other people dispute the fact that being tall means being a better protector or even that being tall is actually evolutionary advantageous in hunter-gatherer times and societies! Think about it? Hunting requires stealth being big usually hinders stealth. Also smaller people tend to be quicker, more dexterious and have better use of their bodies (technique) than larger men. This is important for a number of different reasons but I digress.

The excuse that really gets my goat is the "protection and secure" statement that women use to justify why they only date men taller than themselves. It reeks of insecurity and ignorance. Yet these "strong, confident and intelligent" modern day women see nothing wrong with this statement.

Usually it's young women (aged betwen 18 -35 years old) that mainly discriminate against dating short men or men shorter than themselves! When women get to about 40 years old they become a lot more secure of themselves and less superficial about their choices in life. Mainly because they know that they're past it and they're not as attractive as they once were.

My advice to young women of today is don't limit yourself to something as stupid as height when it comes to dating. A tall man is no more a better "protector" than an average height man or a short man! Stop buying into bullshit like things "Mr Right" and "Soulmates"! Don't always go with what "evolution" tell us is right or good! You have a brain ladies, use it to pic apart the nonsense of evolutionary and social crap (because your preference for taller men is mostly social not evolutionary!)

Remember this more importantly just because you "feel" more protected with a man that's taller than you, doesn't mean that you are protected!


Marnie2010 said...

Well I'm 5'6" and I prefer to date men over 6'. I just like tall men, it's a strong physical attraction to me. If I date someone shorter like say 5'10"/5'11" he usually has an exceptional personality.

IDIOT face said...

We all have our preferences but we seem to forget what preferences mean!
Besides what's wrong with 5'10" or 5'11"

Anonymous said...

Hi Vindicator,

I've finally made it to your blog! :-)

I admit I would never date someone shorter than I am, but I'm only 5'3'', so that would be ridiculous. I don't think I have a specific height requirement (there are some fine short dudes!), but I think my minimum would be around 5'10. Anything shorter than that makes me feel like an ogress.

Take care!


IDIOT face said...


You wouldn't date a man any shorter than 5'10"!
You've just made a lot of 5'9" and under dudes very sad! lol!
What would you do if a handsome, intelligent, strong, funny guy that was your height came along and asked you out!?

Anonymous said...

Lol, I could never date a dude my height. Like I said, I'm 5'3'', so that would be unbelievably short--I wouldn't feel "delicate" or "womanly". I'm shallow, lol--I like "big, strong, men" who can pick me up and toss me around.

My current boyfriend is 5'10'', so it's not like I only date giants--maybe a 5'9'' guy could get a pass. :-P

IDIOT face said...

Your boyfriend is only 5'10"! That's a good height! (I'm also 5'10")
The thing is though I know and have met women, tall, short and in between say that even a man that is 5'10" is too short! Despite the average height of a man worldwide is 5'9".
No pleasing you women lol!

Mira said...

This is true (your post). Women like tall men. I don't know why, but it seems to be universal. I can not think of a culture (in history or today's world) in which women tend to prefer short men.

Seeking biological/evolutionary reasons for this preference might be a good way to start, but it can also be misleading. Contarary to the popular belief, people don't always choose stronger, mroe fertile individuals with better DNA. In many things they do, but not always. Sometimes, a physical feature doesn't have any advantages (in fact, it can be something that makes you "weaker" in the terms of survivor), but still, the genes for that feature are carried on because people find it attractive.

There must be something that makes women all around the world see tall men as "stronger" (in a evolutionary sense) than the short ones. This is a lie; being tall isn't better. But still, there is something that makes women believe tall men are stronger.

I am a very short woman (160 cm... That's around 5'3'' I believe). I never met a man who is shorter than I am, so I don't really have much experience in this. I must say I am attracted to men who are taller than me. I dated men who were around 5'8'' or 5'9'' and they were taller then me, so I didn't see that as "dating a short guy".

My husband is 180cm tall (5'11'') and I see it as a perfect height.

When I listen to other women and what they find attractive in men, I often disagree. "Great abs" do nothing to me, height is only somewhat important, I don't find athletic body THAT attractive. Many women claim blue or green eyes are the most beautiful, but I like dark eyes.

But then again, I must admit I do have certain preferences. Hair is one of them. I like men with beautiful hair (if long, the better). I can not help it. The other thing I like is a deep voice.

Why am I writing all this? The first part of the post: because I am interested in antroplogy. The second part: Because I wan't to say it's not like ALL women behave like describen in the post (I don't think I'm one of them). However, if I want to be tuly honest, I must admit I do have certain preferences (hair being one of them) that could be seen as "unfair" or discriminatory in the same way preference for tall men is.

Unknown said...

If a woman will not date a guy who is AVERAGE height, that's like the equivalent of a guy saying, "I'd never date a woman with average size breasts, she has to be triple D and nothing less." Now if guys started saying that, women would go nuts. Women feel like it's cool to filter men out by their height, but what if we filtered them out by their breast size? How would they like that?

IDIOT face said...

Tell me about it!
We would never hear the end of it!
This is why women should never be in positions of power!
They simply can't look deep within themselves and question something lol!

Herneith said...

Everbody has a preference when it comes to body types which they prefer. However, what one prefers and one actually ends up with, can in many instances be two different things! I have lusted after men of all heights, LOL. I have dated men who were close to me in height(5'7), tall men, but no men who were considerably shorter than myself. This was not for lack of seeing some who I found attractive though! From an aestethic or lust driven view, tall men are at the top of my list, however that has never precluded short or medium height men when it comes to attraction!

Derrick said...

Let the short guy speak here. First of all, unless women change their attitudes about short and shorter men, a lot of them will continue being single while bitching and complaining about the lack of quality guys. That's their problem and not mine because I know I'm a quality guy. These women have nobody to blame but themselves considering they grossly undercut their dating pool by ruling out men shorter than
6'0. The short ladies are just as bad, if not worse than the taller ladies. I have no problems dating taller women and I do find them quite attractive. Unfortunately most tall women are incredibly shallow and insecure about short guys. They see height first and refuse to acknowledge anything else in a man. It's mind boggling in this day and age when women who are supposed to be independent, educated, confident and mature, act and behave so childishly. Too many of them live and die by what their best girlfriend(s) says regarding who they should date and who they shouldn't date based on height. Many times short guys have to fight for the approval of everyone else in the room rather than the girl who's the primary focus of attention, which is really stupid. FYI, I'm 5'5.