Thursday, 31 December 2009

British women are the worst women in the world!

Through out my 23 years of being alive I can honestly say that British women are the worst in the world!
They are the most vulgur, arrogant, fickle, rude, unintelligent, nasty, spiteful etc sluts
Sure I've only fucked British women so I can't really say what other women of different nationalities are like but my friends who have left the U.K. and fucked other women will agree with me!
Some people will say you haven't found the "right" one. Gimme a fucking break! I don't believe in bullshit like "Soulmates", "Mr & Mrs Right" and other such non sense! Even if I did I know for a fact that my "Soulmate" would definately 100% Absitively Posolutely not be a British woman!
I'm on a dating website called I've messaged over 250 women since I've joined it on Oct 2009!
Only about 20 of them replied to my messages! Most of them never had the decency to message me back, not even to tell me to "get lost" or "I'm not interested." Only 9 women on that site had the guts to message me first!
When I did get some number from women on the site they decided to "play games!"
Newsflash to any Woman - I don't play games with women!!! You are not Tekken 6 and If I wanted to play games I'd simply play my PS3!
I've been out on the streets checking out women even asked a few girls for their numbers! Not even fucking one would give me a number!
Well fuck it I'm not dealing with British women anymore. I am only dealing with prostitutes from now on! They are cheaper, less picky, less rude and just plain and simply better than British women on the whole!
If I had the money I would get me a foreign woman (South east asian or Latina!)
British women can learn a lot from them!
At times I wish I was gay!
Attention British women - You've just lost out on a prize catch!


Herneith said...

You are only 23, you'll find someone! No need to waste money on sex workers'! If all else fails there's always the palm sisters, Agnes and Arlene, LOL!

IDIOT face said...

Everyone always says that I'll find someone! Yet I found nobody!
I'm sick to death of British women and I'm done with my palms, I'm going blind LOL!

I see nothing wrong with prostitutes and they are lot cheaper than actually going out with a woman and you can expect sex!
I need to jizz inside or on a part of woman!

Herneith said...

Get a blow-up doll, LOL! Seriously, everyone goes through something similar throughout their lives. When you stop 'looking' when it rains it pours, believe me. Be comfortable with yourself and you will find a decent woman. Mind you I don't live in Britain, so I don't know what the dating/marrying is like. However, I suspect that there are similarities as somethings are universal. Anyways good luck, good things will come for you!

IDIOT face said...

I don't ask for much from a woman all I ask is that she be decent looking, bisexual, loyal and shuts the fuck up! LOL!
Why can't I find women like that!? lol!
I deffo need to go to South East Asia to find a woman or go to a Latin American Country! I hate British women!

Mira said...

So, it's all about fucking? Or is there a deeper problem here?

IDIOT face said...

To you the truth, I've not done it or had a woman in nearly 5 years!
I'm fed up of using my hands.

Anonymous said...

you are pathetic lol
talk about having issues

IDIOT face said...


Such kind words from a troll! LOL!

Mira said...

I think the "fed up" phase is normal in most people's lives. In my early twenties, I was so fed up with men that I didn't date for 3 years. I completely distanced myself from the dating world, and I don't really remember (m)any guys approaching either. I was frustrated, but I didn't really hate men... I was just really, really tired of playing games.

This time helped me realize I was actually attracted to the wrong sort of guys, and also, it helped me realize I had issues with my self esteem. So no, it wasn't a waste of time.

I know you are frustrated and "fed up using your hands", but I am not quite sure if paying for sex would make you feel better.

I don't ask for much from a woman all I ask is that she be decent looking, bisexual, loyal and shuts the fuck up! LOL!

I do hope this was a joke, as "LOL" suggest it.