Sunday, 30 August 2009

My Racial/Ethnic Preferances For Women

In life we all have our preferences on who we find attractive. According to the PC crowd (fruitcakes), this is wrong because we are all born equal in every single way and having preferences encourages racism. Anybody with half a brain knows that this is just a load of bollocks. People are born with different genetics, strengths, weakness etc and can never be equal. Thus people will find different people attractive.
Having a preference of which ethnic and/or racial group of people you find attractive is not racist and should not be condemned at all.
Here's what race I find attractive in women in this order:
1. Black Women
2. South Asian Women
3. East Asian Women
4. Native American Women
5. White Women
Please note. Despite my preferences, the majority of women that I've fucked have been white women. Also women are more likely to stick to their own racial preferences than men are.
In terms of ethnicity of the races this is what I prefer:
For Black women - Afro Latinas and Light skinned black women.
For South Asian women - Any
For East Asian women - Southeast asians
For Native American women - there's hardly any full blooded but still a lot of them a just gorgeous.
For White women - The Mediterean looking ones and White Latinas
As I had said who I date is not set in stone. So even if you are white, so long as you are fine it's all good


Anonymous said...

You know you made Beyonce look thinner than she is, right?

By the way, I added you to my blogroll!

Julian Abagond said...

Why do you think it is that you mainly date white women if they are last on your list?

IDIOT face said...

@Julian Abagond
Mainly there's more white women than women of colour!
I never limit myself when it comes to women.

Herneith said...

So with you it is opportunity?

IDIOT face said...

Yeah pretty much!