Sunday, 29 March 2009

Why sportfighting is not self defense

The idiocy of the "sportfighting" ilk cannot be underestimated. The type that think if a move or technique is not used in a "ring" then it cannot be used on the street. Don't get me wrong I am a practitioner of a sport martial art as well (Muay Thai) but I also know that the ring and the street are 2 different animals and must be compared by different standards.
Here are 2 links that sum up my point very well:
I am not one for typing up long blogs. I'd rather use links to to illustrate a point!!


Herneith said...

You can have all the fighting skill possible. But it comes down to this ; Can you outfight a bullet?(Curtesy of my aunt). The same rules in the ring DON NOT apply on the streets. In the ring you are fighting a known entity whether you lose or not. In the street you do not know your assailant who could pull a weapon on you! The days of straigh foward fisticuffs are dead and gone.

IDIOT face said...

I wouldn't say that "straight forward fisticuffs" in this day and age are gone!
I think it's important to learn hand to hand combat for self defence!
While your aunt is right about what she said. It's still no excuse not to train yourself!

I respect sportfighters alot and some of them are tough but in the end it's still a sport!

Herneith said...

I was referring to present day streetfighting. I would appear where I live, that a person is more apt to pull out a weapon instead of hand to hand fighting, or so it would seem! What about catfights, LOL!